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If life with your horse is not quite how you imagined it to be...

Or if you’ve been told you should get rid of your horse because they’re too much for you to handle…

If you have a horse you can't seem to 'fix'…

Or if you've been treated like a 'weirdo' because of the way you think horses should be treated...

Here's my advice to you:  Don't give up. 

Don't give up on your horse and don't give up on yourself.

Because you can still have it all...
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Hi, I'm Teddie Ziegler

And over the past 2 decades of teaching, I have heard the story "that they should get rid of their horse" way too many times for my liking.

It truly breaks my heart to hear this from clients because it means that neither the human nor their horse are getting what they want or what they deserve.

In fact, oftentimes people tell me that I'm their last hope.

So, if you have lost confidence in both yourself and your horse...

If you don’t feel safe and certainly not when riding...

And you feel like you're letting your horse down...

Then allow me to help you too.

Who I help

The majority of my clients are ladies, who have either had horses all their lives, are returning to horses after a break, or who are fulfilling a lifelong dream of having their own horse.

While their backgrounds and experience may vary, their issues are often very similar:

  • Loss of confidence
  • Questioning their own instincts
  • Not knowing where to turn when they can't fix a problem by themself

The causes of these issues are generally:

  • 'Cookie-cutter' training programs which leave little room for flexibility
  • Following what 'experts' say instead of listening to their gut
  • Inconsistent behavior which causes them and their horse to stop trusting each other

However, if we dig a little deeper we find that there is only one reason for all these issues and it is the root cause behind all the problems you have been experiencing with your horse.

It's not your fault and it's not your horse's fault either.

The fault actually lies with the very programs and training methods you have been using to try and make things better.


Because they all ignore the 2 BIG variables in your training - you and your horse.

We are all individuals and so are our horses.

One-size doesn’t fit all. It never can.

So what’s the answer?

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