The 3 C’s of Horsemanship

The 3 C's of Horsemanship

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Program Overview:

  • Designed for loving horse owners
  • 40 video lessons and assignments.
  • 1 private discovery call with the instructor
  • Practical, easy to follow, instructions.
  • Audio, video, and written lessons
  • Get the companionship you desire
  • Delve deeper into herd dynamics and herd behaviors
  • Understand your horse’s body language in more detail
  • Reclaim your confidence around horses

Program Description:

It’s not impossible to get there…

You can be free from stressing about how to fix issues with your horse.

Free from guilt, shame, blame and “should of’s” that you hear from other people.

Free from worrying you’re supposed to be doing more, better, faster, or something different.

And FREE to learn the things you want in order to develop an amazing life with your horse… 

The horse that you know is there, deep down inside of the horse you have now.

Do you want that?

The 3 C’s of Horsemanship is my 3-month, step-by-step program that uses proven tools to show you how to hit the “reset button” and change your relationship with your horse and yourself. And that definitely includes what you think you’re capable of. (Hint: So much more.)

This is where you define success with your horse goals and develop these with ease, escape expectations and get on with a truly fulfilled life with horses – that makes your dreams a reality.

This is 3 solid months with weekly training and assignments. You will go deep into your horse’s world. It may feel intense (in a great way). And you will never be the same and neither will your horse.  You both will be much happier.

Personal Coaching:

To add personal coaching to this self-study program just set up a Discovery Call to chat with me by clicking on the button above.

We will have a friendly discussion on what you would like, what issues are going on, and what options are available.  In doing this we can figure out what you feel is best for you and your horse and how I can help you get there.  This is a complimentary call.

Personal Coaching includes weekly calls with me personally to discuss and design an individualized program to reach your dream goals.  It can vary from one month to 6 months and even up to one year of personalized, 1-to-1 help.

You have access to me via text, phone calls, and emails weekly to daily as needed.  You can also send me videos to critique to better fine-tune your lessons and progress.

Adding Personal Coaching to this self-study course allows the progress to happen quicker and easier with me being by your side every week and every day that you need me.  Being able to answer your questions immediately, even when you are with your horse, and make small tweaks will enable you to progress smoothly in your lessons.

I promise to get you to your dream goal and never to give up on you, if you don't give up on yourself.  I will hold your hand every step of the way.

Program Content

C1 – Connection with your Horse – The Introductory Phase

Phase I – Introductory Phase: (Gaining Trust)

Exercise 1 – How to Introduce Yourself to your Horse

Exercise 2 – How to Halter Your Horse

Exercise 3 – How to Lead Your Horse

Exercise 4 – How to Start Your Horse at Liberty

C1 – The Hanging Out Phase

Phase 2 – The Hanging Out Phase

Exercise 5 – How to Use a Whip in this Program

Exercise 6 – How to Influence Your Horse using a Whip

Exercise 7 – Mimicking – How and When to Use It

Exercise 8 – How to Hang Out Further with Your Horse

Meditations #1

Mindful Meditations

04A San Mitsu Meditation

04B Tatsuko Meditation

04C Feng Shui of the Mind Mediations

04D Pyramid Meditations

Meditations #2

04E Dragon Mediation

04F Tiger Mediation

04G Joyous Meditation

04H Healing Meditation

04I Creative Meditation

C2 – Communication with your Horse – The Hierarchy Phase

Transitioning from the 1st C to the 2nd C

Phase 3 – The Hierarchy Phase

Definitions of Terms used in this Program

How to Keep your Motivation Going

Game 1 – “Mother May I” – Part I

Game 2 – “Mother May I” – Part II

Game 3 – “Simon Says” – Part I

Game 4 – “Simon Says” – Part II

C2 – The Let’s Talk Phase

Phase 4 – The Let’s Talk Phase

Game 5 – “Red Light/Green Light”

Game 6 – “Follow The Leader” – Part I

Game 7 – “Follow the Leader” – Part II

Game 8 – “Follow the Leader” – Part III

Bonus Lessons

Bonus Lesson on Body Language

Using Your Body Language

Bonus Lesson – 10 Survival Traits in Horses

5 Traits of a Good Herd Member

Bonus Lesson – Building Trust while Grooming your Horse

Bonus Lesson – Move Away and Come Up

Bonus Lesson – Developing a Work Ethic

C3 – Companionship with your Horse – The Listening Phase

Transitioning from the 2nd C to the 3rd C

Phase 5 – The Listening Phase

Game 9 – “Traffic Cop” – Part I

Game 10 – “Traffic Cop” – Part II

Game 11 – “Traffic Cop” – Part III

Game 12 – “Push/Pull”

C3 – The Companionship Phase

Phase 6 – The Companionship Phase

Exercise 9 – Togetherness Exercise #1

Exercise 10 – Togetherness Exercise #2

Exercise 11 – Togetherness Exercise #3

Exercise 12 – Togetherness Exercise #4

Bonus Lessons

Bonus Lesson – Summary of a Horse’s Language

Bonus Lesson – Expressions of Stress

Bonus Lesson – Calming Techniques for your Horse

Bonus Lesson – 3 Speeds of Walk with Apollo

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