Group of 4 Private Coaching Calls

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Program Overview:

  • Talk to me personally, privately, 1-to-1
  • Anytime you have a problem or issue with your horse, contact an expert right away
  • Find resolutions and solutions to your questions through an open discussion
  • Save $100 over buying them as individual calls 
  • Each call lasts for as long as you need, a minimum of one hour
  • Get help figuring out what your horse is really trying to tell you
  • Send in videos of your horses behaviors and get them critiqued to find a solution

Program Description:

You can use these 4 private coaching calls to discuss whatever horse issues you are currently having and brainstorm solutions together with an expert.  

You can use one at a time or put them all together however you like to help you resolve whatever problems you and your horse are encountering.

There is no expiration date on these calls, so use them whenever you need them.

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