Bundle Offer #2

Bundle Offer #2

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Bundle Offer consists of Teddie’s Fundamentals + Foundation Of Trust + Beginning The Connection + The Stallion Series

Program Overview:

  • Learn herd behavior, how to read your horses’ body language, and how to use your body language to speak your horse’s language.
  • Once you have learned how to make a soufflé from someone you trust, then you need to practice making your soufflé over and over again until you can do it.easily and effortlessly. It is the same thing with horses; you need to practice until you can do them easily and effortlessly.
  • By watching and practicing body language, yours and your horse’s, you will learn how to speak and understand your horse’s language.
  • You will get a look at some more fundamentals of horsemanship and move further into your horses’ world as you learn more about herd behaviors and herd dynamics.
  • You have to qualify to be in any ‘club’.  It’s the same to be a part of your horse’s herd.  Your horse will include you, and respond to you, as part of his herd once he feels that you are qualified.  To be qualified you need to show your horse that you understand his culture and can speak his language.

Program Description:

Unlike most programs that focus purely on doing more and more and MORE…

These programs focus on how you and your horse feel inside — which is exactly how you get permanent, lasting change.

All it takes is a commitment to start the process, bringing you a pivotal step closer to forever changing your life with horses.

The programs focus on ease, flow and fun.  No pressure, no punishment, and no time limits.

They retrain your mind and that of your horse in a very organic, natural way.

But most importantly, they help you align your soul and your heart with your horse.

Inside our Facebook group and the online Academy, other caring horsewomen come together to create the positive and supportive community you need to succeed. 

Together, we support one another through the entire process.

Yes, that means I’m there too to help guide you, answer questions, and provide advice when needed.

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