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Program Overview:

  • Some simple steps you can take in times where you or your horse has lost some confidence
  • Learn 3 facts about horse herd behavior so you can start to build your confidence back up
  • An easy way to help your horse find confidence while around you
  • 8 video lessons to review
  • A surprise bonus on building trust
  • How to shift your mindset about what being confident means
  • Learn how being a part of the herd changes the way your horse looks at you

Program Description:

I think anytime you spend years with horses, or you’re new with horses, it’s the same. Your confidence will go up and down, depending on the situation at hand and the depending on the horse’s background.

There are a lot of things that come up and many times the only way to learn them is to have them happen to you and you figure it out.

But in this program, you are going to have the experience of myself and others to help you learn the easy way.

I put together this booster shot type course to help set you back in the right direction, if you have veered off course.

Whether you don’t feel like you have enough confidence with horses or you just had something happen in which you lost some of that confidence. Either way, it’s all natural.

You know the old saying, “when you fall off your horse, you need to get right back on.” Well, it is referring to the fact that if you don’t get back on, the fear will creep in and the longer you wait, the more you’ll be afraid to get back on.

It’s similar with losing your confidence. Something happens that shakes you up. Maybe something you thought you knew, now you find out isn’t true or didn’t work. Or maybe something that worked all the time with your one horse, now doesn’t even begin to work with your new horse.

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Bonus Lesson

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