Equine Qi Gong

Equine Qi Gong

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Program Overview:

  • Facilitate better physical and mental health
  • Learn how to connect deeper to your horse
  • Develop ways to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Gain a sense of peace and tranquility
  • Help move blood and oxygen around to nourish organs
  • Practical, simple, easy to follow instructions

Program Description:

Are you stressed and anxious when you go to your horse?  Is your mind somewhere else?  Do you have an agenda when you go out to your horse?

Well here is a way to relax, get your mind off of your problems, and focus on the positive energies around you. Be more peaceful and enjoyable for your horse to be around. It will also help keep you healthy and fit in a simple and fun way.

Program Content

Introduction to Equine Qi Gong


Equine Qi Gong Exercises

Qi Gong Exercises

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