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Program Overview:

  • Some simple steps you can take in times of stress for yourself and your horse 
  • Learn 3 facts you must understand about horse herd behavior so you can establish your own place in the herd  
  • An easy way to relax and have fun with your horse no matter what your age or physical fitness ability Is  
  • 18 video lessons to review  
  • 6 surprise bonus videos  
  • 4 stages to gain your horse’s trust  
  • How to make sure your horse feels safe so that everyday tasks become a breeze  
  • Find out a virtually unknown way to let your horse know you’ve got his back  
  • Learn how a simple routine can turn a chore into an opportunity to bond even closer

Program Description:

We’re going on a journey back to how you can simply ask your horse to trust you, and how you can start to trust yourself again.

Inside, I’ll show you how to use your instincts and your heart, that horse loving woman inside you, to inspire, influence and transform the horse world around you.

We’re going to look at where you want to be and how to shift your horse to get back to the real horse you know is inside.

This is a true transformation that helps you understand your horse’s issues and how your horse sees the world around him or her.

No one else can do this in the way you can. You were given this horse for a reason. You have a purpose to help your horse be in a loving, caring family and a forever home you both enjoy.

It’s time to embrace it and shine.

Program Content


Introduction Lesson

The Concept Stage

The 5 Stepping Stones Introduction

Guidance Video #1 – Intention

Guidance Video #2 – Attention

Guidance Video #3 – Protection

Guidance Video #4 – Cooperation

Guidance Video #5 – Connection

Putting it all together…

Using the 5 Stepping Stones to Help your Horse

The Introduction Stage


How to Stay Calm

Equine Qi Gong

Greeting for Trust

The Proximity Stage


Hanging Out to Build Trust

Building Trust while Grooming

Grooming in the Springtime

The Nourishment Stage


Calming Techniques For Your Horse

How to Keep the Trust

Bonuses (FOT)

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

What's Next?

What's Next?

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