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Herd Bound Video Course

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In this documentary-style video course, you will learn how to resolve a medium to severe case of herd-bound behaviors in your horse, as you watch me take Apollo from being dangerous without his buddy to preferring to be with me and safe without his buddy. A masterclass in patience and love.

Program Overview:

  • 14 Video Sessions to Review along with Written Lessons
  • Follow Along as Teddie Works with Apollo to Resolve his Herd-Bound Behaviors
  • Apollo Goes from Dangerous and Unpredictable to Loving and Cuddling
  • Apollo Goes from Needing his Buddy to Being OK Alone
  • Step by Step Progression
  • Practical Hands-On Lessons
  • Designed for Anyone Having this Specific Problem
  • Watch How Simple and Gentle Training Can Be
  • See How the Small Details Can Mean So Much to Your Horse

Program Description:

How do I stop my horse from being herd-bound is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my blog readers and students. 

Because of this, I wanted to share my personal approach to dealing with herd-bound horses to help you overcome this vexing issue. 

Herd-bound behaviors in a horse can range from annoying to outright dangerous and its outcomes can be detrimental to both your safety and your horse’s health.

I have therefore categorized herd-bound behavior into three levels of severity, each with its own easy-to-follow protocol.  All three of these I discuss in my book, "Herd-Bound To You!", but in this video course I show you how I resolve the most severe case with my horse Apollo.

I follow the same approach I use when facing any issue with horses, and that is to ‘Push the Easy Button’. This is why I am so confident that the solution I will be sharing will work for you and your horse as well.

The goal with any of my training materials is to make you as self-sufficient a horse person as possible so you can solve any future issue that comes up with your horse.

I cannot guarantee that you will become totally independent just from reading my book and/or completing this video course, but I know that after completing the lessons, you will feel confident being able to handle any and all issues that may arise if you have a horse that is herd-bound.

My primary concern is always the safety of my customers, students, readers, and their horses. Beyond that though, I want you to be able to experience the same joyful, loving relationship that I am blessed to share with my horses.

Program Content

Medium to Severe Herd-Bound Behavior Resolution

Apollo’s Story

General Overview

Phase I – Hit the Reset Button

Phase I – Notes

Phase II – Beginning the Separation

Notes on Phase II

Phase III – Preferring to be with you

Phase IV – Continuing the Separation

Phase V-A – Continuing to be with You

Phase V-B – Continuing to be with You

Phase V – Notes

Phase VI-A – Out of Sight Out of Mind

Phase VI-B – Out of Sight Out of Mind

Phase VI – Notes

Outlined Cheat Sheet

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