Teddie’s Fundamentals

Teddie's Fundamentals

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Program Overview:

  • Practical everyday lessons that are simple to learn
  • 26 videos to show you how easy it can be
  • Learn how to push the “Easy Button”
  • Learn what is important to your Horse
  • 13 written lessons to take with you to the barn 
  • Practical hands-on instructions
  • Quick ways to keep the trust you are developing
  • Simple solutions to everyday lessons that you can do yourself
  • Learn why you’re probably confusing hour horse without even knowing it
  • 1 Discovery Call with the instructor

Program Description:

There isn’t a single reason you can’t have the life with horses that you want, unless you choose to believe…

  • It’s too hard
  • It takes too long
  • Life doesn’t work that way for me
  • Or some other variation of the above lies

On the other hand, if you understand that we are all a part of nature, all part of the same ball of energy, then it gets infinitely easier to learn your horse’s way of speaking to you and listening to what your horse has to tell you.

Of course, you can use your current knowledge of horses to try to fix your current issues. Of course, you can continue to take the time and effort and years it will take to get what you want. 

But sometimes you just need a helping hand sorting out what’s true, what’s not, and what’s best for your particular situation or issues with your horse.

What you think, you create. And the nuances between those thoughts can make or break how you talk to your horse.

These fundamentals have helped me in the past and will hopefully make life a bit easier for you and your horse as well.

Program Content

Training Lessons (TF)

5 Traits of a Good Herd Member

Body Language – Licking, Chewing, Yawning

Body Language – Being Close is OK

Getting the Halter Ready & On

Asking a Dominant Horse to Respect your Space

Free Lunging at a Walk

How to Start a Horse on a Lunge Line

How to Give your Horse Treats

The Benefits of “Bath Time” with Your Horse

How to Start Playing with a Ball

Bobbing for Carrots Game

How to Work with a Food Aggressive Horse

How to Keep Your Horses’ Water Buckets from Freezing

Bonus Lessons (TF)

Springtime Grooming

Foundation Of Trust

Spring Birdhouse

Developing a Work Ethic

The Benefits of Grooming

New Horse in the Herd

NASA Pen Story

Keeping Weight on a Senior Horse

A Simple Fly Repellant

A Seasonal Tea for Horses

A Horse’s Eyesight

De-Worming Made Easy

Working with Jazz

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