Teddie Ziegler Horsemanship
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Please read the following important info:

Step 1.

Check your Inbox to make sure you have received an email from Teddie Ziegler Coaching (via Calendly) as this contains details of how we will be connecting.

TIP:  If you cannot find the email, please check your Spam folder as it may be there (this is especially true if you use Hotmail or Outlook).

Step 2.

The email also has buttons for you to add the meeting to your calendar so we suggest you make use of these so as to remind yourself.

I understand that 'life' sometimes gets in the way so underneath the calendar buttons there is a button for you to Reschedule our call should you need to.

Step 3.

Look out for reminder emails as we get closer to the time and date you booked as I will be sending you some information to read before we speak. You will also receive an SMS text reminder 15 minutes before we're due to speak.

Step 4.

If you have any questions about our call you will find my email address in the Teddie Ziegler Coaching (via Calendly) email. Other than that,  I look forward to speaking with you on the date and time you chose!


To help me prepare for our call, please complete the following Application Form so that I can understand a little about you, your horse and your situation before we speak. Thanks.

Clicking here to complete it now.