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Herd Bound To You!

How To Stop Your Horse's Herd Bound Behaviors

And Get Him/Her Focused On You Instead

(Even If Everything Else You’ve Tried Has Failed)

Use This Simple, Step-by-Step Approach To Break The Cycle, Reverse Herd-Bound Behaviors, And Win Back Your Horse’s Love And Loyalty

The Book On This Page Will Show You How.

Hi there

Are you ready to end those weeks, or maybe even months, of frustration and help your horse get over his or her herd-bound issues?

And in the process make yourself a vital part of your horse’s world?

This book is the secret to…

The End Of Frantic Running Back And Forth.

The End Of Non-Stop Whinnying.

The End Of Stressed-Out Panic Mode.

And you can do it on your own!

All of those behaviors are what I suddenly found myself experiencing with my dear sweet, gentle Apollo, despite us having been together for over 30 years.

I have had horses in the past who occasionally displayed herd-bound behaviors but I was able to fix them in a fairly short space of time.

So I had never paid too much attention or put too much emphasis on teaching others how to fix this problem as it never seemed like a big deal.

That was until we moved to a new facility and Apollo became so deeply connected to his new pasture buddy that he became severely herd-bound.

I’ll tell you in more detail in the book about the background as to why it happened, but I can see now that it was the perfect storm just waiting to happen.

It wasn’t like he became mildly herd-bound and then slowly ramped up. No, he went from 0–100 on the herd-bound-o-meter in a heartbeat, which came as a total surprise to me.

Call me naive, but I now realize it is a much more common issue than I had previously thought and which is why I decided to write this book to help fellow horse lovers like you get beyond this truly difficult to resolve problem.

I figured that if it could happen to Apollo and me after 30 blissful years together, it could happen to anyone and I don’t want you to have to go through the same trauma that we did. 

One sleepless night, a couple of false starts (not of our making!), and lots of patience later, I finally had my sweet angel back again.

In the end, it was fairly straightforward and only required slight adaptations to my usual training approach even though sometimes my blood pressure was off the charts!

The Good News is...
There’s A Silver Lining To The Cloud You May Currently Be Experiencing With Your Herd-Bound Horse

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason though, and so like my mom told me to do, I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons I'd been drowning in!

By going through the process I am going to share with you, Apollo and I got to spend some amazing, quality time with each other and it gave us both the chance to reconnect and renew our bond. 

The end result was that Apollo not only lost his herd-bound behavior but once he was comfortable in his new surroundings, he far preferred my company over that of other horses like he used to. 

And that is the silver lining awaiting you too, you will almost certainly end up being better connected with your horse than ever before.

How Would Your Next Visit To The Barn Or Stables Change If You Knew There Was A Way To Fix Your Horse's Herd-Bound Behaviors?

I cannot tell you how many people have contacted me, at their wit's end, desperate to find a way out of the herd-bound situation they found themselves in.

They told me they had tried everything they knew to solve the issue but still couldn't climb out of the hole they were in. Their feelings of sadness and frustration were plain to hear.

Some had tried forcing their horse (which never works), some had got a local trainer involved, and others had tried taking advice from friends or people they'd chatted to online.

None of these approaches had been successful though because none of them were treating the issue from the horse's point of view and none of them were using a step-by-step approach to lower fear and heighten trust.

But after talking them through the process in the book, I could immediately hear the hope in their voice as they started to see there was light at the end of the tunnel after all. 

I don't how long you have been struggling with your herd-bound issues but I know how helpless I felt when I was first confronted with Apollo's traumatized behavior.

And I also remember how relieved I was when we eventually came out the other side, more bonded than ever before.

So I want you to imagine the same... I want you to imagine what it will feel like going out to see your horse knowing that you have all the answers you need.

Knowing that in a matter of weeks or even days, you will once more be able to experience the lightness, freedom and joy of spending time with your best friend without having to worry about any frantic running back and forth and non-stop whinnying, or worse.

Here are the kind of results students have experienced with my other programs… 

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How Would You Feel Knowing You Were The One Who Solved Your Horse's Herd-Bound Issues?

Sure, it will be a great relief to have your horse back to his or her old self again but won't it feel all the more sweeter knowing that it was you who solved the issue? All by yourself?

You know the old saying about not giving a man a fish but teaching him how to fish?

That is the same approach I take with all my students and in all my online and coaching programs. I want you and your horse to become your own best student and teacher so that you learn from each other.

I am forever grateful to all the horses in my life, I have learned soooo much from them and continue to do so every day of my life.

My horse Jazz (Apollo's father) and I were together 34 years before he passed away in 2020. We grew up together and the trust between was unbreakable. I trusted him with my life and he trusted me with his. I can say this because we proved it to each other on many occasions over those years.

My goal is to teach you how to develop that level of trust because it is my belief and my experience that the closer the relationship you have with your horse, the easier it is to navigate any issues you might have together.

In this book, you will discover a whole toolbox of different skills, techniques and approaches you can use and once you have a solid foundation of trust, almost anything is possible between you.


The Complete Guide On How To Reverse Herd-Bound Behaviors and Get Your Horse Focused On You

The book I have for you is called Herd-Bound to You!

Because that’s exactly what it does.

It fixes your horse's herd-bound behaviors and puts his or her focus back where you want it - on you.

And it’s only $9.95 for the ebook version

Or $19.95 for the paperback version

These are the same or lower than the prices you normally see on Amazon EXCEPT when you buy there, you don't get all the fantastic Bonuses I've added for you - SEE BELOW.

This book and the Bonuses are all you need to start solving your herd-bound issue today.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover Inside This Brand New Book

  • How to recognize which level of herd-bound behavior your horse is at - page xiv
  • The easiest way to stop your herd-bound horse from hurting himself without hurting you in the process.
  • The truth about horse training. What most trainers won’t tell you that ends up costing you more - both emotionally and financially.
  • The one thing to avoid when your horse is anxious, stressed out and coiled as tightly as a spring - page 7.
  • The secret of “the occupied mind”. This simple trick will likely solve most herd-bound issues after just a few sessions. Develop the desire in your horse to actually be left on their own!
  • The 2 most important questions to ask yourself before you embark on solving your horse’s herd-bound behavior. Question #1 may surprise you.
  • “Goldfish attention span”… the single most damaging “habit” nearly all horse owners suffer from that GUARANTEES they will never consistently make any real progress. (Once you know the secret, friends will be amazed by your new-found horsemanship ability!).
  • When is giving your horse a vacation the best thing you can do to solve the problem? This surprising answer will come as a welcome relief.
  • According to British researchers, negative feedback helps shape a horse’s learning best, while positive feedback best helps with retention. You will learn how to do both starting at page 26.
  • The single most important action you can ever take with your horse to enhance your relationship together. Many in the horse world would call it heresy but you’ll immediately notice the difference in your horse’s eyes.
  • The “treats trap”, the line you must not cross when using treats if you want them to be an effective training tool when solving a herd-bound case.
  • If your horse refuses to do what you want you should force him, right? Wrong! It’s the worst thing you can do. Read page 35 to find out why.
  • The sneaky psychological trick you can use on yourself that will help keep you going through the tough times. (Newsflash: there will be some of those along the way too).
  • CAUTION: This “green-eyed monster” will wreak havoc on your relationship with your horse unless you nip it in the bud. These are the 3 tell-tale signs you need to look out for when trying to cure your horse from being herd-bound.
  • Why it’s better to never have your horse act up… and what you are actually teaching them if you allow it to happen - page 78.
  • BANISH MENTAL ANXIETY FOR GOOD with this ancient Qi Gong technique. Students report a dramatic improvement in their horse’s behavior whenever they use it.
  • The TOP 5 non-food treats you can use + 5 more to prevent your horse becoming food aggressive, treat dependent, or looking at you as a ‘Pez dispenser’.
  • What having a halter on teaches your horse and why it helps increase their focus on what you are doing and decreases their focus on what their buddy is doing.
  • How to solve 2 (or more) issues with this 1 counter-intuitive technique. You will rarely if ever hear one of the big-name “gurus” suggest this.
  • Are you making this common mistake when you visit with your horse? What your horse’s reaction will be if you do, and the right way to start your session together.
  • The simple “sniff test” that instantly lets your horse know who you truly are inside and what your intentions are.
  • Try this crazy idea for one day and see what your horse tells you. I promise you, you will see a difference!
  • When herd-bound behavior is not herd-bound behavior and the importance of getting to the core of the problem.
  • BETTER THAN RIDING. For some people, riding is the end all, be all of horses, and that’s great. In Chapter 9 though, you will discover a level of communication that beats all that go, go, go.
  • The gateway to being in perfect sync with each other, where a mere twitch of your head or a shift in your seat is enough for your horse to know exactly what you’re asking.

This Method Works Even If You (Or A Professional Trainer) Have Tried To Fix The Issue…
And Have Failed 

You might not have tried using a trainer to solve the problem but all the same, you might be thinking to yourself, how on earth can a book help me if an in-person professional trainer couldn’t??

That’s a very good question but here’s why I am confident in saying I know I can help you get the results you are looking for.

Many years ago I set out on a mission to help as many humans and horses as I could to become the best possible partners for each other.

For over 25 years I gave clinics right across the U.S. while at the same time keeping up with all the latest findings from equine science.

By the beginning of 2019 though I was tired of traveling and decided to switch to teaching remotely by telephone and over the internet. 

It took me the best part of 6 months to perfect the formula but even I was amazed when students began to achieve levels of connection, communication, and companionship with their horse they'd previously only dreamed of.

It is a flexible blueprint I call "Pushing The Easy Button" which anyone can use to find success with their horse.  

In fact, the approach has proven so effective that it has practically made me redundant as students learn to solve their own problems!

Here's the thing though... Little did I know at the time I developed it that remote learning would become the ONLY way to learn to train your horse and now it has become the preferred way for many.

I never imagined a world where millions of horse owners would *have* to get used to learning online.

This book is the culmination of all the insights I’ve learned from equine science, their practical application over 25 years of teaching and my newly acquired mastery of remote teaching. 

I can show you HOW to solve the current herd-bound problem you are facing. All you need is the BELIEF - the belief in yourself that you can and will solve the issue and in so doing become the best possible human partner for your horse. 

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today!

Get The Book Right Now And Receive These 5 Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1 -  Herd Bound To You! Cheat Sheets (Value: $10)

I have put together handy-dandy Cheat Sheets you can print out and take with you to the barn or stable.

After you have read the book and understood the approach we are going to take, this will help you put it all into practice out in the pasture.

Herd Bound To You! Cheat Sheet
Confidence Booster Program

"This 7-day Confidence Booster program is designed to kick-start your confidence and get you back on track."

Bonus #2 - Confidence Booster Program (RRP: $35)

If you have been suffering with a herd-bound horse, particularly if it's been going on for some time, then it's inevitably going to dent your confidence.

But don't doubt yourself for a second or let it get you down because now you know there is a way out. With the book and this program, you'll be all set to solve the problem!

Bonus #3 - Teddie's Tips Library (Value: $25)

You'd be amazed how often I hear "I never knew that!" from students whenever I share one of the tips and tricks I use with my horses.

So I started filming these and have put together a collection which I regularly add to.

Teddie's Tips
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions like: "My pony is incredibly spooky and distrusting of people and situations she doesn't know and I’m sad that she can’t enjoy herself and worried that she'll hurt herself"

Bonus #4 - Teddies Top 20 FAQs (Value: $40)

After years of running clinics and taking questions in my student community, I have found the same questions come up again and again.

So with the help of my boys (that's Jazz video-bombing me!), I took the time to answer all these questions to create an invaluable resource for all horse owners.

Bonus #5 - Interviews With The Stars (Value: $30)

My business partner used to run a very popular horse website and was fortunate to be able to interview some of the biggest names in the horse world.

These previously unreleased recordings feature Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation,  world famous photographer Tony Stromberg, renowned horse healer Margrit Coates, and best-selling author Linda Kohanov.

Interviews with the Stars

Get all the Bonuses ($140 value) as well as the downloadable ebook version of Herd-Bound to You! for just $9.95 or $19.95 for the paperback version to be sent to your door (including FREE shipping).

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What You Have to Look Forward To...

Imagine… in just a couple of months from now, when you go out to see your horse and he leaves his buddy to come rushing over to greet you.

Imagine… sharing her joy at seeing you and the prospect of what the two of you might get up to that day.

And imagine the admiring looks on the face of your friends and those around the barn when your previously herd-bound horse is hanging on your every word like a little puppy dog.

This is the kind of transformation you can expect by following the plan I have laid out for you in this book. It's paint by numbers simple.

Follow the steps, Push the Easy Button, get the result.

Adopt the approach, listen to your horse, and deepen the bond.

You've got this.

Here’s My'Real Dollars' Guarantee To You

I stand behind my approach 100% (because I know that it works) but unfortunately you may not experience the same level of success.

This could be for a variety of reasons such as a lack of willingness to apply the lessons, a lack of patience, a tendency to go off script, whatever. But that would be a real shame if it happens as I have laid it all out for you in the book.

For those willing of you to put in the effort though, I can show you how to quite literally transform your relationship with your horse. If you diligently follow the steps I outline, I can guarantee you will get the rewards.

However, I want to be as fair as possible and give you the best chance to succeed, so here's my 'Real Dollars' Guarantee to you: Try the book and all the bonuses for 1 full year and if you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you $9.95 and the bonuses are still yours to keep.

Get Your Copy Of
Herd-Bound To You! Now

I look forward to chatting with you in person very soon!

Teddie and Apollo

P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading:

  1. 1
    I solved my severe herd-bound case by following a simple, repeatable process anyone can use to solve their herd-bound problem too.
  2. 2
    By going through the process, it actually brought Apollo and me closer and helped renew the bond we had with each other.
  3. 3
    My students have been able to experience the same transformation in their relationship with their horse through my other programs too.
  4. 4
    For just $9.95 you can get the book I wrote teaching how I solved my herd-bound issue, including details on how to best help your horse learn and retain training.
  5. 5
    And when you get the book, you’ll also receive 5 fantastic Bonuses including a special Cheat Sheet, a 7-Day Confidence Building Program, Teddie’s Tips Library, Teddie’s Top 20 FAQ videos, and 4 never before heard interviews with top names from the equine world.
  6. 6
    You can try the book and the bonuses for 1 full year. If you don’t like them for whatever crazy reason, I’ll refund you the $9.95


How do I read the ebook?

It comes in PDF and ePub versions, which means you can read it either on your computer + tablet + phone or you can send it to your ebook reader of choice.

How long will it take for the physical book to get to me?

This will depend on where you live but allow 7-14 days. However, you do also get immediate access to the ebook version too when you order the paperback so you can get started straight away with the lessons.

Do I need any special training or equipment?

No, all you need is patience, persistence and a sincere desire to help your horse overcome the current trauma he or she is currently experiencing.

What if I need some additional help?

We have a Facebook group where you can ask any questions you might have. Besides that, there are various ways to reach out to me, all of which are detailed in the Member's area of my Academy website.

About Me

I got my first horse when I was six years old, a little Shetland pony called Farnley’s Notable. He came home with me after being abandoned and lived in my parent’s garage until we could build a barn in our backyard.

Like most horse-crazy girls I spent as much time around them as I could. I competed in many English disciplines, winning ribbons and trophies in Jumping, English Pleasure, Show Hunter, and Classical Dressage.

Eventually, it was time to enter the adult world so I went to Towson University where I earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Master's degree in Behavioral Psychology.

After graduation, I worked for one of the nation’s leading mental health facilities. I helped autistic children, elderly patients, and later was a private therapist for Alzheimer's patients.

However, my first love has always been horses and after studying with some of the well-known names in the industry, I became a trainer myself.

Over the years I have taught basic horsemanship, safety, relationship and behavioral training, groundwork, and given riding lessons to both adults and children.

However, it always intrigued me why some people got results while others didn't, and why some horses reacted in certain ways and others did completely the opposite.

What I have learned is that every horse and every human is different and so whatever research and standardized training tell us, it always needs to be adjusted for each individual situation.

As I always say, let your horse be your teacher.