Discover How You Too Can Learn To
Push The Easy Button With Your Horse

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Feedback from Melissa (3:19)

Coaching call excerpt with Pamela (3:19)

Customer feedback call with Madeleine (3:05)

Questions other horse owners asked before booking their call

How Much Does It Cost To Speak With You?

The calls are absolutely free of charge but are limited in number so please book early as slots are available on a first come first served basis.

Does Having A Call Obligate Me In Any Way?

This call does not commit or obligate you in any way. It just allows us to talk over and diagnose what issues you are having right now with your horse.

What Happens On The Call?

We’ll talk a little about your history and background and then I will help you get clarity on 3 things:

  • Where your current challenges lie and what they’re costing you
  • What your dreams, goals and aspirations are with your horses
  • And what needs to happen in order to bridge the gap and make that future a reality for you

I will then give you immediate advice if there is something that I can help you and your horse with there and then.

If at the end of the call you feel that I am the right person to help you and your horse resolve more of your issues together, then I’ll invite you to join my Personal Coaching Program.

I love teaching open-minded, heart-driven people how to Push The Easy Button with their horse because they are open to new ideas and only want the best for their horse.

On the other hand, if I don’t think I can help you get you the results you want, I’ll try and point you in the direction of someone who may be able to help you.

Either way you’re going to find the call extremely valuable because at the end of it you will truly understand where the issues lie and what you need to do to put them right.

You Mentioned A Coaching Program - Tell Me More About That

There are 3 different levels of the Program all based around a comprehensive online video, audio and written training curriculum. I will send you more details prior to our call so you can come prepared with any questions you may have.

They're Saying...

Melissa Gannon

melissa gannon

Penny Gwynne

penny gwyne

N.B. Polarity Training was the previous name of my website and coaching

Sue Pacanowski

Sue Pacanowski

Barbara Nichols

Barbara Nichols

Pamela Taylor

pamela taylor

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson

Madeleine Balcer

Madeleine Balcer

A Note from Teddie

Teddie Ziegler Horsemanship

"Many years ago I set out on a mission to help as many humans and horses as I could to become the best possible partners for each other.

For over 25 years I gave clinics right across the U.S. while at the same time keeping up with all the latest findings from equine science.

By the beginning of 2019 though I was tired of traveling and decided to switch to teaching remotely by telephone and over the internet. 

It took me the best part of 6 months to perfect the formula but even I was amazed when students began to achieve levels of connection, communication, and companionship with their horse they'd previously only dreamed of.

It is a flexible blueprint I call 'Pushing The Easy Button' which anyone can use to find success with their horse.  

In fact, the approach has proven so effective that it has practically made me redundant as students learn to solve their own problems!

Here's the thing though... Little did I know at the time I developed it that remote learning would be soon become the ONLY way to learn to train your horse.

I never imagined a world where millions of horse owners would *have* to get used to learning and creating community online, which is why I can't wait to share it with you!

This Masterclass is the culmination of all the insights I’ve learned from equine science, their practical application over 25 years of teaching and my newly acquired mastery of remote learning. 

The opportunity to learn and become a better all-round horse person has never been easier. Your chance to build a closer, more bonded relationship with your horse is available to you right now.

You don’t need to know the HOW but you do need to have the BELIEF — the belief in yourself that you can become the best possible human partner for your horse. 

If you do, then I can’t wait to see you in class!

ALL my best"

Teddie and Apollo