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Discover how easy and effective horse training can be when you learn to "Push the Easy Button"

Enjoy over 4½ hours of compassionate horse training as renowned horse trainer Teddie Ziegler takes two wild Arabian stallions, with two very different personalities, from fearful and unpredictable to trusting and loving in a surprisingly short period of time.

But as you will discover, success isn't always a straight line, even for the professionals! Watch as Teddie mixes patience, awareness and kindness to win over Kit and Danny as they negotiate their relationship together.

So what can you expect to learn from watching the Stallion Series summit?

Here’s Just a taste of what you’ll discover...

  • How rescue horses help show us the warning signs we need to look out for when handling our own horses
  • Why going slower is ALWAYS the fastest way when it comes to training a horse
  • The one thing you should NEVER do when working with stallions (use this approach instead)
  • What the world’s top 0.3% of trainers know about calming and reassuring a spooked out horse that the other 99.7% don’t have a clue about
  • How the “No’s” you get from a horse is the opportunity you need to really win his confidence
  • 3 often-overlooked ‘maintenance’ hacks that can  improve your relationship with a horse FAST…
  • The real secret to starting a two-way conversation with a horse - you won’t believe how simple it is
  • When is the best moment to ask a horse to give a little more than she’s comfortable with and when you should leave well alone

Kit and Danny's background

Kit’s owner had become disabled and had not been able to get out to groom or take care of him for the past 3 years. She had hired someone to go out and take care of him, but she didn’t realize Kit had become so underweight and was not being groomed or taken care of. She also said Kit couldn't care less about humans and could at times be dangerous.

Danny’s owner is also an elderly lady and although she has owned Danny all his life she has been able to come out to groom for quite some time. But for the past 2-3 years even that became too much for her to the point that she couldn’t catch or halter him. So not only was Danny halter shy but had a fear of water and hated the farrier.

Watch as Teddie fixes all these issues during the process of socializing these 2 stallions 

Stallion Series Overview

49 Video Sessions

The Stallion Series All Access Pass consists of 49 individual videos which means it's far easier to dip in and out of so you can watch and rewatch just the sessions that interest you most.


Kit's Journey

Follow along with Teddie as she takes a "...fire breathing dragon that explodes in an instant and is dangerous" to an affectionate and attentive partner.


Danny's Journey

Watch as Teddie takes a stallion who is "...unmanageable, wild, and crazy with lots of issues" to one who is friendly and cooperative.

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When you secure lifetime access you get lifetime, on-demand access to the Summit inside the Teddie Ziegler Horsemanship Academy where you can watch the series whenever you want.

A Note from Teddie

"Many years ago I set out on a mission to help as many humans and horses as I could to become the best possible partners for each other.

For over 25 years I gave clinics right across the U.S. while at the same time keeping up with all the latest findings from equine science. This Summit is a practical demonstration of all the insights I’ve learned from science and their practical application over 25 years of teaching. 

By the beginning of 2019 though I was tired of traveling and decided to switch to teaching remotely by telephone and over the internet. Little did I know at the time that remote learning would soon become the ONLY way  of being able to teach horse training...

Which means the opportunity for you to learn and become a better all-round horse person has never been easier. Your chance to build a closer, more bonded relationship with your horse is available to you right now.

By watching my journey with Kit and Danny you will learn how to overcome issues, correct 'bad habits' and reach your goals with your horse without ever having to use force or undue pressure. I call this approach Pushing The Easy Button with your horse because it works with, not against, your horse's natural instincts."


What Viewers are saying...

I just want to say that I am enjoying these videos immensely! Your work with these two stallions is inspiring!!


Thanks Teddie for this wonderful opportunity to see you working with the stallions.


Love your patience with both Danny and Kit! It’s wonderful to see them progress.


I really enjoyed this series and am so glad that their introduction worked out so good. They both are beautiful to see and now hope they both enjoy being together.


Great to see Teddie. Loved what you did, especially asking him to go back and be polite without needing a stick or rope. Beautiful demonstration.


Absolutely love it!!!... Arabs are great and Danny Boy & Kit are fabulous! Can’t wait to see more!!


Loving watching you work with these stallions!


I’m enjoying this series, thank you. I love the way you go slowly, and let the horse set the pace, not rushing them, also listening to them and accepting their ‘no’.


I’m enjoying the videos I’ve watched. Thank you for sharing these with us. I look forward to watching Danny and Kit as they make their journey with you. So far, it looks like they are settling into the routine quite nicely. Good job!


Love it! I learned this from you a long time ago and I do it all the time now. It works!


I love learning about your interaction with horses and making it a positive experience. Thanks


I have found watching these series on Danny Boy really interesting as I haven’t been around a horse that sensitive before. Very different to Kit so it’s great to be able to observe how they both have responded to grooming, catching, etc, so thank you.


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Yes, both the Free Pass and the All Access Pass are both 100% online and can be viewed on any device (computer, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, tablet, iPad, etc).

Who is the All Access Pass for?

If you're frustrated by your horse’s ‘bad’ behavior… If you’ve struggled to get your horse to consistently do what you want… and you never wish to resort to using force… Then you are going to want to see what happens when you use love, patience and trust building approaches instead.

And if you want the opportunity to learn how to build the same connection by rewatching the techniques that Teddie uses, then the Stallion Series All Access Pass is for you!

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