Teddie Ziegler Horsemanship

The breakthrough came

Here’s what happened...

One day I went with my Mom to our local library and while we were there I came across a book on the Bedouins...

And how they were able to develop such a strong bond with their horses because of the time they spent together.

They even shared a tent at night.

And this gave me an idea.

I knew I couldn't follow my horses round...

So the next time I went out to them I asked my friend to put me up on the back of my oldest horse, Jazz.

I had very little ability to use my leg muscles and wouldn't have been able to stay on if Jazz had spooked or bolted.

But he seemed to understand my desire to be close to him and stood stock still as I was helped up on his back.

When I finally got astride him I just sat there for the longest time, scared to move.

Jazz waited for me to calm down and then he started to walk around slowly and graze.

We managed a whole afternoon without any mishaps and this then set the pattern for the rest of my convalescence.

My friend would put me up on Jazz and I'd spend hours lying or sitting on him in the company of his son Apollo and my friend’s horses in the paddock next door.

Which meant I got a front row seat and a priceless education into the workings of the herd.

I became such a part of their daily life that after a while they stopped treating me as an outsider and I simply became a part of the herd.

At the same time I was undergoing physical therapy and very slowly I began to regain the feeling in my legs.

And by the time I was finally able to walk again...

Everything had changed

Now my boys wanted to be near me.

And whenever I wandered off they'd follow right after me as I was now a part of their herd.

The Invisible Wall between us had completely dissolved...

And instead of the emptiness in my heart...

I now felt this deep bonded connection.

But that wasn't all...

Because everything I did with them became easier too.

Jazz and Apollo were now willing to listen to me and follow my lead because they TRUSTED me.

Which meant I no longer had to deal with the ongoing fights and unexpected spooking.

And by the time I was finally released to ride again, words don’t do justice to how magical it was.

I had ridden Jazz hundreds of times before but never like this.

The months I spent on his back meant we were in total sync with each other and our movement together riding was unreal.

We were 2 hearts truly beating as 1.

It was how I had always dreamt it could be.

That was the first time I understood what true connection really is.

I was ecstatic about the transformation in our relationship and their reaction to me but being the science nerd I am...

I wanted to know...

Why our relationship had transformed...

Teddie and Apollo