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Just another brick in the wall

The reason for this is that training is only the icing on the cake of your
relationship with your horse…

It's not one of the raw ingredients.

You wouldn't dream of adding icing without having first baked the cake.

And it's the same with your horse.

You've got to get your horse to a place where he is ready and willing to accept training.

Let me repeat that.

You've got to get your horse to a place where he is ready to accept AND retain training.

I call it:

After surveying 569 people and speaking with 83 of them I can tell you with 90+% certainty that...

The root cause of nearly ALL your problems with your horse is a LACK OF TRUST.

Your first task therefore is to build a solid foundation of trust between you because without it a true, bonded connection isn't possible.

Once you have established this, you then add a good working knowledge of herd dynamics, horse behavior and horse language.

Then finally, when the relationship between you is totally solid, you can begin to add the icing to the cake and shape your horse's behavior using training.

And unless you develop your teamwork and partnership on this basis, your horse is never going to cooperate with you.

At least not on a consistent basis, which is why you are still getting these unexpected bouts of spooking and erratic behavior.

It's a case of double jeopardy.

No Trust = No Connection AND no Cooperation.

But here's what happens when you fix it

When you fix this root cause of a lack of trust, the Wall crumbles and ALL the problems you've been living with automatically start to get fixed too.

Which means you will no longer have to suffer those feelings of frustration, disappointment and sadness.

And can start to enjoy the peace, satisfaction and joy that come from achieving true partnership (and proving the naysayers wrong).

The answer then is simple...

Give your horse what HE NEEDS and he’ll give you what YOU WANT.

Here's what Amanda, Judith and Danielle had to say about using this approach:

And this will work for you too even if...

  • You’re not as young and fit as you once were.
  • Your horse doesn’t seem to listen to you and often seems bored.
  • You’ve lost your confidence and self-belief.
  • Your horse's erratic behavior scares you.
  • Or you've lost trust in your horse.

Believe me, if I managed it without the use of my legs, then you will have no trouble at all!

Using my background in psychology along with my fascination with equine science I have developed an ethical way of training that works with your horse's natural instincts.

Which means I'm uniquely placed to help you both now with your current issues all the way through to riding, bitless riding or whatever you want to do.

If this sounds like a breath of fresh air and just what you've been looking for then I have something that you might find of interest...

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