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It's time to dissolve that Invisible Wall...

Do you remember what I asked you right at the beginning ?

Do any of the following describe you…

  • You don’t want to hit your horse.
  • It makes you uncomfortable when others tell you to show your horse who’s boss.
  • You want to become a better human partner for your horse despite all the frustrations.
  • You’re not sure you know enough.
  • You're desperate to make your horse happy even though he scares you sometimes.
  • If any of your answers are still a "yes" then it's time to start dissolving that Invisible Wall between you and your horse by developing a solid Foundation of Trust

    Foundation of Trust

    So allow me to help you...

    My Foundation Of Trust program is THE secret to sharing a heart-felt connection and partnership without the fear, frustration and fights.

    I will lead you through a process so simple and so effective, you will wonder why no-one ever told you about it before.

    You will finally be granted the permission you and your horse have been waiting for to really get to know each other.

    It will be like a second honeymoon for both of you.

    Foundation Of Trust

    Here's what you're going to learn inside this liberating and transformational program:

    • What you need to think about before you go to your horse so that he knows you are serious about playing your part in the herd.
    • Why your horse can't understand you sometimes and the effect this has on his attitude towards you.
    • How to make sure your horse feels safe so that everyday tasks become a breeze.
    • A virtually unknown way to let your horse know you've got his back.
    • How allowing your horse to say 'no' will transform your communication together and actually bring you closer.
    • Some simple steps you can take in times of stress to ensure your horse doesn't spook out of control.
    • The #1 most powerful tool you have to prevent Equine Confusion.
    • The single biggest secret I used to go from being a feed dispenser to becoming an integral part of my horse’s herd.
    • A super simple way to connect with your horse in a deeper manner just as horses do with other horses.
    • A simple exercise to quickly ground you and help put you in the right state of mind before you go out to your horse.
    • 3 facts you must understand about horse herd behavior so you can establish your own place in the herd.
    • How a simple routine can turn a chore into an opportunity to bond even more.
    • The easy way to relax and have fun with your horse no matter what your age or physical fitness ability is.
    • The quickest, easiest technique you’ll ever find for overcoming the language barrier between you and your horse.
    • 5 'Get out of jail' techniques you can use to calm your horse down and regain his trust when stress levels become elevated.
    • The baby steps you can take to continue to build on the growing trust you have with each other and where that might lead...
    • And so much more.

    Imagine… a few short weeks from now when your horse is waiting at the gate to greet you like a long-lost friend who hasn’t seen you in years.

    Imagine… going out on the trail or for a hack knowing that the unexpected will not cause a major incident because of the trust you have between you.

    Imagine… the admiring looks on the faces of your friends when you simply decide to go out for a walk with your horse without halter and without fear that he will suddenly bolt.

    Imagine… in the future being able to ride your horse bitless and imagine how grateful your horse will be when you can?

    That is how effective a bonded connection with your horse really is when you fully develop it.

    Everything you do or want to do with your horse becomes far easier because he sees you as a member of his herd.

    He wants to please you and wants to be with you because he has the overwhelming sense of well-being that comes from belonging.

    Now, I can’t promise you will experience all that straight away but...

    I can promise you that once you get a taste of what Leslie experienced, you will want to see what else is possible for the two of you.

    So are you ready?

    To become the best human partner for your horse?

    Then let me show you how I can help you...

    Click here to see the frankly ridiculous offer I have for you (think a couple of lattes).

    The link above will take you directly to the shopping cart with the discount already applied.

    Karen Black

    “Teddie, It was so nice watching you and your horses play together yesterday and seeing what you do. You are an amazing person. Thank you for allowing me to see the world through your horse’s eyes. It was beautiful!”

    Karen Black - Hollywood actress

    You have nothing to lose but time

    Because the truth is you can't afford to waste any more time than you probably already have.

    Every day not spent building the trust between you so you can develop the connection, communication and cooperation you need with your horse is a day you won’t get back.

    The way I see it, you're at a fork in the road and have 2 options:

    1. Carry on as you have been trying to fix your ongoing problems using control, domination and yet more training (and how's that working out?)


    2. Simply try the Foundation Of Trust and experience for yourself the difference it can make - as it has for Karen, Dianna and many, many others:

    Karen Fitness
    Dianna Williams

    Remember your first crush??

    And the childhood excitement of discovering your love of horses?

    That’s what awaits you again.

    And remember, this is without force, without coercion, and without going against your better nature and against the natural instincts of your horse.

    I can’t tell you the number of students who come through my classes, who are so relieved to finally have found an approach that is both ethical and effective.

    And their horses feel the same.

    Nothing changes until you make a decision. Now is that moment.

    Go ahead, click here to see what I have put together for you and let's get you started.

    Teddie and Apollo


    Here are some FAQs in case you have any questions

    Why such a low price?

    You don’t know me from the next person online so giving you such a large discount just to try my approach gives us both an opportunity to get to know each other.

    Do you still offer a guarantee?

    Absolutely. If you are not happy for any reason, just contact my Support Team and I’ll happily give you a refund and we can part as friends.

    What will the program(s) do for my horse?

    When your horse starts to trust you, he will be…

    • More focused on what you are doing
    • Interested in getting to know you
    • Curious and want to be around you
    • Happy to see you
    • More willing to do what you ask
    • Gentler around you
    • Open to listening to what you are asking of him

    And the Invisible Wall will begin to crumble.

    How long do I have to go through the program(s)?

    You get lifetime access so can go through completely at your own pace but I suggest you don't rush it. All relationships take time to develop so that trust can be established and it's no different with your horse.

    Will this solve all my problems with my horse?

    That's hard to say without knowing your specific situation but as I mentioned earlier, I've seen many issues just evaporate once a solid foundation of trust has been established.

    The Foundation Of Trust and its sister program Beginning The Connection were designed to work in conjunction with each other to give you and your horse a great head start on your path to trust and companionship.

    In my experience working with hundreds of students in person and online, it is nearly always a lack of trust that is behind their issues. It is SO important!

    What's in the Beginning The Connection program?

    The Beginning the Connection program will show you real-life examples of the ideas discussed in the Foundations Of Trust program and how to put the concepts into action.

    Will I be able to get my horse to do what I ask after this?

    This program is designed to specifically give you the foundation of trust you need before you start to shape your horse's behavior.

    A by-product of the Foundation of Trust is that you should find you get a lot more cooperation from your horse.

    However, the real work of shaping his or her behavior comes after that using a technique I call Blended Encouragement © which research has shown is the best way to train a horse.

    This technique is outside the remit of this program but I'll be happy to guide you through it when you're ready.