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I came across this video about positive vs. negative outlooks on life.  It was very interesting and I really liked how she described it.  So I wanted to share it with you…

Interesting, huh?!

I always try to be as positive as possible, but sometimes it’s harder than normal.  This year, as you know, has been harder than most.  I’ve had three surgeries this year and have basically been recovering the whole year.

I have good days and bad days with the healing.  And some days I just have to let it out and cry.  But then I look at my situation again and change my outlook because I know that it will get better and I know that this is what recovery looks like…good and bad.

I’m grateful for the good days and that there are more good days than bad.

Being positive is helpful not only for your physical health but also for your emotional and mental well-being. Studies have shown that patients with positive outlooks heal quicker and better than patients with negative outlooks.

Plus, people with positive outlooks have better responses to obstacles in their lives and have less depression.  It’s because of the positive outlook of being able to overcome and work through whatever life throws your way instead of complaining and wallowing in negativity.

If you think you’re going to succeed and overcome obstacles or you think you’re going to fail and everything bad always happens to you… You’re right!

Here’s an example:

I’ve told you that my husband is not a horse person and has never been around horses until we got married a few years ago.  But when he met Merlin, it was magical.  The two of them have an incredible connection and love that is beyond words.

Well, after I got out of the hospital we were told that the horse farm we were at, along with 30 other horses, had been sold and that everyone had 90 days to move out.

That was a shock!  The place we loved and was so perfect for us and Merlin was now going away.  Well, we found a place that we hoped would be good and where Merlin would be happy.  The problem was…I couldn’t move him because I couldn’t walk.  I can’t even put weight on my left leg to stand up.

This meant that my husband would have to move Merlin by himself.  Not being a horse person with very little, if any, horsemanship knowledge…this was going to be very difficult for him.

I hired a hauler to take Merlin from one place to another, but Mark still had to halter Merlin, get him out of his pasture, lead him down a very long roadway, across a noisy driveway entrance, and then up to the trailer.

The one thing I kept telling my husband was that Merlin loved him more than anything and that he would no doubt do whatever he asked of him as long as he was patient, intentional, and kind.  All of which were easy for my husband.

I told him to listen to his heart and that it was all about the relationship he had with Merlin.  He didn’t need anything else and it was his job to protect Merlin and make sure he was safe.  He could do that.

And you know, that’s all it took.  It all went well and when I heard the story my husband told when he got home, I just teared up.  It went well only because he stayed positive and listened to his heart.

Here is what he told me:

  • He said that he had some trouble getting the halter on, but Merlin was patient and actually moved his nose into the halter for him and helped him get it on.
  • He said that when he looked down that long road he had to walk Merlin down that he got really nervous. But Merlin stopped and nuzzled into him to reassure him and he calmed down.
  • He said that when Merlin got scared and stopped along the road, especially at the noisy entrance, he just hugged Merlin around the neck and said, “It’s ok boy, we can do this”. And Merlin then started back up and walked with him.
  • He said that when the hauler took Merlin’s lead and he looked back at Mark for reassurance, Mark told him it was OK and Merlin moved forward and went into the trailer.
  • He said that when they got to the new place, Merlin wasn’t comfortable getting out of the truck and the hauler was going to use a whip to get him out. But he stopped her and went up behind Merlin and said it was ok to come out and Merlin proceeded to back out slowly and let Mark take the lead.
  • He said that when Merlin went into his new pasture, he just stayed at the fence line with Mark and the two of them hung out together for the next 30 minutes telling each other that it all worked out and it was going to be fine.


If my husband had not had such a good, positive outlook and such an amazing connection with Merlin it never would have worked.  Merlin is very sensitive to people’s emotions and stays away from negative people or people who are stressed or angry.

But his trust and love for my husband are so strong.  They both KNOW that they would do anything and everything for each other.

Positivity can make a world of difference with your horse, your relationship, and your training.  It is something not to take lightly.

Until next week, have a great weekend, and Happy Horses!


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