Yippee, It’s Fall!


I love the fall here in Maryland. The weather gets cool and crisp so you can turn off the air conditioner and open all the windows in the house and bring in the fresh air. Bringing nature into the house, the air, the scents, and the sounds.

The cooler weather makes it so nice to sleep as well. It’s warm enough to not need heavy blankets, but cool enough to use one comforter to cuddle in for a great night’s sleep. The cat’s love it too as they get to sit by the open windows and smell all that nature has to offer them and watch all the creatures in the yard at night.

My horses are a lot friskier now too. It’s not too hot and not too cold. They seem happy for the cooler temperatures as well and they are running around and playing more with each other. It’s so fun to watch them in the fields being more active, shaking their heads, kicking up, and playing. It makes me smile and laugh just to watch them.

It’s also nice to see the flowers changing, fall trees starting their metamorphosis, and more activity in the yard in the evening. The deer are coming out as families to graze earlier, we have foxes, racoons, skunks, squirrels, and tons of birds that are coming out to eat and play.

They are all coming out and gathering earlier in the day.

Nature has grown and expanded. The pond now has about 12 frogs, 4 different species, and the fish have tripled in size. Even the sounds of nature have changed and have actually become louder now. Everyone is talking more with the cooler weather. The frogs now serenade me to sleep along with the hundreds of crickets we must have out there.

The birds and the crickets singing in the morning wake me up. I even have one squirrel that waits on the chair by the back door in the morning for me to come out and bring him peanuts. I’ve nicknamed him “Max”. He’s so cute.


Even the human sounds have changed, telling me that it’s Fall. In the morning I wake up listening to the neighbors cutting trees, chopping firewood, mowing the grass, and working outside. It’s like listening to a different world.

And all this has happened in the last week. In 7 days, everything has changed. It’s gone from summer to fall very quickly. It’s as if nature has said, “ok, it’s now fall and we have all these things we have to do to get ready for winter.”

Do you get that “fall cleaning” urge too?

I think that natural, organic urge that animals get to do things in the fall differently than they did in the summer in order to get ready for the winter happens for people as well.

For example this past week, I found myself automatically pulling all my tack out of the tack room and started cleaning, conditioning, and polishing everything.I also started moving furniture around and started deep cleaning the house.`

In the past week, I also started moving furniture around and started deep cleaning the house.

Outside I’ve started farm projects like putting up a new run-in shelter, cleaning out the barns, re-organizing, throwing out stuff I didn’t realize I still had, pulling out the winter horse blankets for cleaning and repair, and thinking of a bunch more projects I would like to get accomplished before the snow arrives.

I have a tradition every year in the fall of boxing up my summer clothes and putting them away for the winter and bringing out my winter clothes. It’s lots of fun because when I open my boxes from last winter, it’s a whole new wardrobe and a whole new outlook.

It’s a fresh start and it feels so cleansing and reinvigorating.

Do you have traditions like this in the fall that bring you a sense of freshness and renewal?

Because of the cooler weather, I get to spend a lot more time with the horses and we get to do a lot more together. I go on trail rides more often, we get to explore longer, see new places together, we get to hang out longer, and try new things in the arena. It’s a more vibrant time of the year.

tack room

It becomes a time of rejuvenation for both me and my horses.

It’s funny how life can change in just 7 days. It’s also interesting for me to see how it’s so natural that everything shifts together organically – the weather, the animals, and the people.

Have you seen similar things happening around you during this shift into Fall?

Well, today’s blog is more of an observation than a lesson.

And I am so busy on the farm, building, changing, re-organizing, and riding that I just wanted to wish you a happy Fall season. I hope you and your horses are having fun together, exploring and doing new things together, and also enjoying the change of seasons.

However, I don’t want you to go into this beautiful season without something fun to do that may also be helpful to both you and your horse.

I just put together this short 7-day Confidence Booster program that can do a lot in a short amount of time. Something to get you started into this Fall season with more confidence in yourself and your horse.

And as a twist for Fall and in the spirit of something new, I’ve added something interesting and fun…

I’m going to give you the option of paying whatever you like for the program.

Yup, your choice!

It’s a 7-day program packed with lessons and helpful tidbits and videos that will give you that quick boost of confidence and knowledge to use either as a refresher or a jump start to move you forward.

Add one more thing to your ever-growing tool belt of knowledge, developing your horsemanship skills even further.

Here is the link to read more about my new 7-Day Confidence Booster Program.

Please note that this page is designed for people new to me so please ignore the references to quiz etc.

And do feel free to share this with your friends and give them the opportunity to do something new and fresh going into Fall too.

I hope you enjoy this new program and it brightens up your Fall with a refreshing new outlook.

Please let me know in the Comments what some of your traditions are in the Fall.

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