What’s the Difference Between those who Succeed and those that don’t?


Boy did this year go by fast! I can’t believe it’s almost the New Year – 2022.

Traditionally at the end of every year I take a look back and take stock of what happened in my life the year before. It’s my way of trying to make my New Year’s Resolution for the coming year.

I think about last year’s Resolution and ask myself if I accomplished it. If I did, great. If not, I ask myself why not?

Because we always hear that the biggest regrets people have before they die is not having fulfilled their ambitions or lived their dreams.

I’m not intending to leave this realm any time soon but I also don’t want to find myself with regrets, do you?

OK, to give you some idea of my process, these are the kinds of questions I ask myself:

  • Was it a good year overall? What made it good?
  • What happened that I was grateful for?
  • What made me happy?
  • Was there anything that made me sad?
  • Was there something I could have avoided or done something about?
  • What did I fail to accomplish that I really wanted to get done?
  • Did I not do something that I had promised myself I would do? Or vice versa?
  • Am I closer to my dreams or further away?
  • What can I improve upon?

All of these answers then go into this year’s Resolution including the question I always ask myself:

How can I be of more service to myself and to others in the coming year?

The reason I ask myself this is because I believe the more we can bring our gifts to the aid of other people, the more fully we live.

I truly enjoy the community of like-minded people that I have found in the past few years. Everyone shares their loving thoughts, positivity, warmth, and camaraderie with each other. It has truly been a blessing.

This community is interested in continued education, personal growth, and expansion of the mind. And that is right up my alley.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading and learning. It not only is enjoyable for me, but it relaxes me as well. Just sitting in a comfortable chair with a book in my hands.

And even though I love to read about horses and everything new about horse training, I also love self-improvement books too. I can’t improve my relationship with my loved ones, including my horses, without improving myself.

That includes getting in touch with my good side and my bad side and learning my strengths and my weaknesses. All of that helps me learn where I can be a better person and a better horsewoman. Which allows me to be better at helping those that need me, students and horses alike.

But sometimes there’s so much information out there I get stuck with which way I want to go or even what pathway is best for me to go at this time. So I have to stop, refocus, and think about what I want most right now and go from there. Prioritize.

Once I understand what is on the top of my priority list, what my overall dream goal is, then I work from there on “How do I get there”? Working then on a list of more detailed steps.

This is just how my mind works. I’m a very detailed, organized person who enjoys a structured system. But I’m also very creative and love to go with my gut on many decisions. I trust my heart and I trust my research and I’ve been able to put them together to come up with my own personalized training method.

Everyone thinks and works out issues in their own way. But I think everyone at one point or another has asked themselves this question:

What’s the difference between those who succeed and those that don’t?

No matter what the issue – horses, people, or work – It comes down to one simple principle:

  • Successful people seek counsel where others seek opinion.

What’s the difference?

  • Opinions are usually based on biases or lack of knowledge.
  • Where council is based on wisdom and experience.

For Example:

If you go to someone who’s never written a book and say, “Hey I want to write a book”. They might say, “You can’t do that”. You say, “Why not?” They say, “Because you just can’t, it’s too hard”. Well, that’s their opinion.

But if you go to the authors of the ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ books and say the same thing. They would say, “That’s great and here’s what you need to know before you get started”. They’re going to give you counsel based on wisdom, experience, and knowledge.

If more people would seek counsel instead of opinion, their life would change in beautiful ways.

But most people in my generation were raised to believe that we must work hard to achieve success. Hard work and long hours equal getting what we want.

Or so we have been set up to think. It’s so ingrained that sometimes we have an almost visceral response to anyone who says it doesn’t have to be that way.

We collectively drink the Kool-Aid of work, work, work and if you don’t work hard you won’t succeed.

However, here’s what I know for sure: Striving is good. Stretching yourself to grow and expand is great. Continuing to learn is better. This not only helps yourself, but it helps others too.

But consistent pushing, exhausting yourself and feeling stressed out is not good.

There is a better way. It can be easy. It can flow smoothly. It can feel amazing.
My students already know this because I show them how to ‘push the easy button’ every day.

My gift is in helping people figure out their unique skills in horsemanship and bringing them out so that work doesn’t feel like work.

Being a good horse owner is not supposed to make you feel like an outsider or a dictator.

It also doesn’t mean having to make your horse do what you want him or her to do.

It should all feel smooth and natural and wonderful.

The whole point of having a horse in your life is to have a real relationship and friendship with your horse, right?

So don’t live your life with unfilled dreams.

Don’t reach another New Year’s Eve wondering what happened to the year just gone and regretting all the lost opportunities.

Make this next year your best year and your horse’s best year ever.

The world you desire with your horse is waiting for you… if you want it badly enough.

And allow me to help you get there.

Let’s fix up a time to talk early in the New Year and we can draw up a game plan to help you start living your dreams. Click the link below and book your call now, I look forward to talking with you.

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