2 Misconceptions that will Hurt your Training


I heard two things this week that I disagree with and I just wanted to get your thoughts.

The first thing I heard that I think is a misconception is “Not all problems have a solution.

Well, my mother always told me “Where there is a will, there is a way. You just have to find it”.

I thought of this every time I had a problem and was having trouble finding a solution. I told myself that I just had to keep trying and looking for the solution because it was out there. I just had to find it. And she was right.

I have never had a problem in my lifetime that I couldn’t find a solution to. It may not have been the solution that I really wanted, or the easiest solution, but it was always the best solution at the time and it resolved the problem.

Sometimes the solution took a long time to find, but eventually it would show up. I just had to never give up on finding one. Every once in a while I would take a break from thinking about it, work on something completely different, and guess what? The solution found me.

So, even though a solution may take a while, come from different places, not quite be what you thought, or anything else, it is still a solution. You just have to make sure that it is the best solution at the time and for the best results.

I see this same attitude quite often with people who have horses. There is usually something that a horse owner wants to fix, correct, or teach their horse. And because of this, they are usually looking for a solution.

Many times I have seen horse owners with small and large issues just give up because they haven’t found a solution. They just deal with the problem and think that there is no solution.

But that isn’t the case. There is a solution to every problem, you just need to find it. And if you have trouble finding it, you can ask for help, seek out guidance from friends, do research, or call me and let the solution find you.

Is there something you could use some help with? Do you know someone that you could help by sharing your own experience? Are you a part of a horse community that helps each other through questions or issues?

What are your thoughts on this misconception?

The second thing I heard that I think is a misconception is “Instant gratification…The best way is the quickest way.

I always say, “push the easy button whenever possible”, but the easy way isn’t always the fastest way. Fast does not mean easy, especially in the horse world.

But I have to admit I’ve caught myself going after the “quick fix” in other things, especially in my pursuit of health and fitness. The last few years I’ve done my own research and tried a number of different things.

When something didn’t work right away, I felt the need to find something else. So I abandoned what I was doing and started something new. Then when that didn’t work, I went off to the next thing, again and again. It’s called “shiny object syndrome”.

I did this with my fitness and health adventure. I tried everything I could read about, research, or find. But nothing worked. At least that’s what I kept telling myself. Then I realized that I wasn’t giving any of it enough time and I gave up too easily.

I only gave each “thing” a few weeks to work. It was too hard, I kept telling myself. I wanted instant gratification or at least faster than I was getting it. Well, I guess fast and easy don’t equate in this scenario. I wish.

About 10 months ago I put my foot down and said “that’s it! I’m going to go all in and do what I have to in order to get in shape and healthy”. I put all my research together and told myself that this time I wouldn’t give up and I would keep going until I got to where I want.

It’s working. Since that decision and implementing all my research I have lost inches and pounds and feel so much healthier. I am still working towards my goal, but at least now I feel that I’ve accomplished something and that all my hard work is finally paying off. Plus it gives me motivation to keep going.

It’s taken me a few years of “shiny object syndrome” and wasting time and effort. But me sticking with it for the last 10 months has paid off and shown me that instant gratification isn’t always the easy way.

One year of my life to find a solution and fix a big issue is not fast, but it is all worth it. Especially when compared to the 3 years I’ve spent trying to fix it in the first place with a lot of different programs.

Have you seen people trying to find the quickest way to get stuff done with their horses? How many times have you seen or heard of people hitting their horses with a crop or a whip to force their horse to do something? They do it because it is faster than building a relationship with a horse and doing things cooperatively.

Have you or someone you know been looking for a solution to an issue or a new training tip that has taken you from program to program to program? Have you been moving on because it took you too long to make it work so you don’t think it’s right?

If you were told that you could have everything you wanted with your horse and you just had to stick with one program for one full year, would it be worth it to you?

Just things to think about when looking for a solution to any issue or problems that you are having with your horses.

If you can avoid these two misconceptions, your training will thrive and you are guaranteed to succeed with your horse.

I hope this helps and I’d love to hear what you feel about these ideas. Until next week, Happy Horses!

If this resonates with you and you haven’t yet dipped your toe into my programs, then click this link. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions, by contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • I have seen others who have had problems with their horses that were either hard to catch or load in a trailer. It took a while but there was a solution. These horses that were “untrainable” were acting out of fear and I would be acting the same way if I had been pulled, slapped, or beaten too.

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