Still Trying to Figure Out How to Fix it?


For those of you following along with my blogs, I have some good news.

I just got great test results back from my doctors and my thyroid and liver are both back to normal and healthy again.

Which also means that I am now losing the excess weight that those two issues were causing.

This news makes me so happy and grateful as I feel like I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and nothing has really worked. I was so frustrated not being able to find a “fix” that worked for me.

Some things would help, but they never really fixed the core problem.

That’s always the way with stubborn problems. Unless you get back to the root cause and fix that, then any number of sticking plasters will never hold and never be a permanent solution to the problem.

So ​​now that the core issues of my thyroid and liver have been solved, my weight is slowly starting to come off.


I’m sure most of you know that same feeling:

  • Knowing that there is something that’s not quite right and something there you need to fix.
  • Trying to figure it out and then trying to figure out how to fix the issue, once you think you know what the issue is.
  • And then trying every “fix” you can find, looking for that one thing that is actually good for you, individually.

That process in itself is frustrating. Everyone and every ‘body’ are different and sometimes we just have to keep trying until we find the “right” thing that works for us, and our particular situation individually.

But hopefully, that frustration goes away once you find that perfect solution and you are able to resolve that pesky problem. Just as it did for me when the doctor gave me my test results.

This week I had a very similar conversation with two of the students in my advanced coaching program. And I wanted to share some of our discussions as it may help you too.

Both of these students have reached the point where they now have exactly what they’ve always wanted with their horses. And they just can’t believe that it’s finally here and that it’s really happened.

They’ve been trying to reach their dream goals with their horses for a long time and now they have what they’ve always wanted.

Once they addressed the core problems with my advanced coaching program, the 3 C’s of Horsemanship, they were able to finally get what they wanted.

Just like when my doctors finally addressed the core problems with my health, thyroid and liver, and were able to fix those issues, now the problem of my excess weight is going away too. Even though that was the problem I was searching for an answer to in the first place.

Part of that was thanks to my doctor listening to my individual situation and working with me personally trying to figure it all out with me. I became a friend, not just a patient or a number.

I try to do the same thing with the students in my personal coaching program. This way we are able to fine-tune, adjust, and tweak their learning process to be perfect for them and their horse’s individual needs and desires.

I am so grateful to have good things happening in my life and to see good things happening for my students and their horses too.

Teddie Ziegler horse training

So, if you’ve been trying to “fix” a problem with your horse, if feelings of self-doubt keep coming into your head – don’t get frustrated and don’t give up.

There is a solution out there for you and if not with me then maybe with someone else.

And it’s OK to acknowledge you can’t always solve these issues by yourself, just like I had tried to do with my weight. It’s not an admission of failure, it’s an acceptance that we can’t be great at everything. No one can.

At the same time though, be proud of what you’ve accomplished with your horse so far. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget how far each of us have come.

I’m sure your horse appreciates it too. I’ve personally witnessed the excitement of Danny and Kit in learning new things and I’ll talk more about this next week.

And if you are a life-long student like me, we know we still have room to grow, and that’s OK too. It all takes the time it takes and we are all on our own journey.

If you’re interested in becoming a student in my personal coaching program to reach your dream goals with your horse, here is a link to find out more:

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  • Kim Mccurdy says:

    No matter if it deals with the horse world or the regular world I find more often then not Teddy I swear must be a mind reader. I find the advice she posts have some sort of element I find to be informative and something to think about. The positive thinking she puts out is so easy to apply to many circumstances.

  • I am so happy that you are getting some resolve on your health. Lots of prayers for healting.

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