My Little Secret


This week, let’s try something a little different…

Ask yourself the following questions and count how many times you answer “yes”:

  1. Have you ever known someone was going to call you just before your phone rings?
  2. Have you ever thought of someone and then run into them that same day?
  3. Have you ever felt that something was wrong with someone and then later found out you were right?
  4. Have you ever felt like you really needed to do something or go somewhere but you couldn’t explain it? You just had to do it.
  5. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?
  6. Have you ever been around someone and you felt this uncontrollable urge to move away from them because something felt ‘off’? Then after you left them you felt better?

How many yeses did you score? 3 or more? 4 or more? 5 or more?

OK, how about these questions, see how many you score with these:

  1. Have you ever seen a spirit? A spirit ball? Or something of that nature you simply couldn’t explain?
  2. Have you ever lost a loved one and felt them say goodbye or felt their presence?
  3. Have you ever felt that someone wasn’t trustworthy the second you met them?
  4. Have you ever just instinctively known things without understanding how?
  5. Have you ever felt the energy in a room change from positive to negative?
  6. Have you ever connected so deeply with your horse that you can shut your eyes and see what they were telling you?

How many yeses this time? 2 or more? 3 or more? 4 or more?

If you were to put a name to this phenomenon, what might it be?

Hold that thought and you can let us know in the Comments below later but first I’d like to tell you about an old family friend I called Uncle David.

Uncle David was absolutely amazing. I could tell you countless stories about him that would sound totally made up, but I experienced them all with him.

One time he was on a deep-sea fishing expedition in a boat off Hawaii when the boat navigation broke down. They were miles from shore and with all the cruising back and forth trying to locate the best fish, no one on board had any idea which direction they should head to get back to port.

So Uncle David sat on the side of the boat and started to meditate. After a while, he stood up, walked up to the captain, and said, “Follow the dolphins”.

The captain thought he was nuts, but the dolphins did seem to be just hanging around the boat so he thought he may as well give it a shot. When Uncle David said to the dolphins, “Okay, take us home”, the dolphins started swimming so the captain fired up the engine and followed them.

The captain and other passengers on the boat were amazed when the dolphins took them right to the island they wanted to go to! And after making their usual clicking noises as if to say goodbye, the dolphins just turned around and left. Uncle David was a very special man.

As another example of what I’m talking about, have you ever watched TV shows about wildlife in Africa? The ones that show the lions on the prowl trying to catch dinner? Have you noticed that the deer or antelope that survive seem to know instantly when the lion is in the area?

They seem to instantly know that there’s something different going on, their heads go up and then they start scanning with their ears and noses for confirmation.

Do you know what it is?

It is actually something that is very near and dear to my heart and something I treasure. I know it’s the reason horses are drawn to me and trust me, why they come to me for help and why they aren’t afraid to be around me.

It is something I’ve been reluctant to discuss until recently as some people feel it’s ‘woo-woo’ or ‘hooey’. And many people are just afraid of anything that’s different or strange, anything they can’t explain.

However, when a horse senses it in you, he instantly knows everything he needs to know. He knows if you are trustworthy, if you have the right intentions, what your emotional state is, and if you are a threat.

Once he has all that information about you and knows he can trust you, then he will connect and communicate with you on a deeper level. Then all that’s left is figuring out how to communicate properly and what the two of you want in order to be happy.

Just like in a marriage. You meet, fall in love, and start learning how to communicate with each other in a way that makes the two of you happy.

I’m sure you’ve seen people work with horses where it seems as if they are communicating telepathically, it’s just so effortless for them.

I’ve heard people say that this type of communication is unattainable, or only for the most gifted or blessed. I don’t believe that is true.

I believe this is a natural ability we all have, we just have to be aware of and be open to learning it.

Some students in my personal coaching program asked how they can also achieve this kind of effortless, telepathic communication and so I began to share it with them.

Now they too can see what I see and do what I do with horses because I have made these skills transferable and teachable. It’s been one of the highlights of my life witnessing their transformation into amazing horsemen and women with their own magic.

As I said, I’ve kept this a secret for the longest time but have been urged to open up about it by these students.

You see, on the surface, my training with horses is based on my personal experiences and scientific research. The first time you go through one of my programs, you will get the results you are looking for, and that’s great because that’s what’s supposed to happen!

The second time you and your horse go through them it takes you to a deeper, emotional level.

However, the real magic of the programs lies in the repetition beyond that, and the more times you and your horse do the exercises and the games, the deeper your understanding will become.

It’s like a rose that opens more and more with each passing day until it has fully bloomed.

So what lies behind this magnificent flowering experience that awaits you?

Let me know in the comments section below and based on your feedback, I’ll expand on it more next week. I look forward to reading what you think!

If this resonates with you and you haven’t yet dipped your toe into my programs, then click this link. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions, by contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • This happens on a regular basis. Much prefer animals to humans

  • Sue Pacanowski says:

    I believe it’s intuition and animal communication. I’ve been told I try too hard and that’s why I can’t connect like several people I know can. My relationship with my horses is a good one, but I can’t seem to really “hear” them or my dogs. I would be quite interested in your approach.

  • I am very interested in this topic and would love to learn more. I long for that really close relationship that , with some people, looks so effortless and natural.

  • I would love to know more. I had always thought that it was gifted people that had this type of telepathy with animals so am pleased to know that I can learn it. Yahh. I have always been someone who walks fast, talks fast, has heaps of things going through my head. In the last two years I have started to learn to slow down and do way more listening to my horse, so looking forward to the next part of my journey 🙂

    I hope you have had a restful week as you think on those precious memories of your baby brother.
    Thinking of you.

    • From what I know of you and your relationship with your horse, you have already started to tap into this ability yourself. I know it will just keep growing if you allow it.

  • Juliet Allnutt says:

    I can probably only answer honestly 2 or max 3 to your questions. The scientific part of my brain wont let me believe I can “sense” anything more, but my emotional side gets strong feelings coming through, but maybe that is just what I want to think.

    • I believe everyone has this, it’s just that some deny it or can’t see it in themselves. Each one can be due to our habits and needs.

  • In the first group of questions I answered yes to call 6 in the second group I answered yes to 5. I have never seen a spirit but have felt a spiritual presence before.
    I believe what animals feel ( and in tune people) is an energy change in the environment/ atmosphere. These changes have been proven by watching herds and how they move as one in order to survive predators and moving from one area to another. It is an energetic wave that each individual feels as a herd. It is both beautiful and amazing to watch.

    • It really is amazing to watch in large herds. Incredible how they communicate and move when a predator is detected.

  • Madeleine says:

    Very interesting blog. I have been working with Teddie for the last 2 years. My horse is a handful. Under Teddie’s expertise and guidance, I started incorporating telepathy into our relationship. It is amazing how it works. I can hear her now.

    Recently my horse refused to come out of her paddock. It lasted 3 weeks until I discovered there were snowmobiles roaring in the hills around her paddock. She felt safe there. I told her I would protect her and she will be safe with me. I then sent her visualizations of haltering her and going out of her paddock. Well, that is exactly what happened the next time I went to see her. She let me halter her and followed me out nicely. She can hear me now too.

    • You and Choupette now have an amazing relationship that is so beautiful in so many ways. I’m so proud of what you both have accomplished together. 🙂

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