Push the Easy Button


It’s not only me.

I usually tell you a new story each week about my experience with horses or an issue that I had or was able to fix. But it’s not just me who has had success with the way I do things.

I get emails from readers and students often letting me know about their successes with their horses after taking one of my programs or just following my blogs. Let me share a few of them with you.

But before that let me tell you a quick story…

Just the other day I was speaking to a lady about ways to fix a behavioral issue that she’s having with her horse. It was on one of my complimentary coaching calls that I like to do with fellow horse lovers. Well, when I finished she said, “I’m sure that works for you, but will it work for me?

She explained further that she wasn’t as confident in her ability to fix the issue as I was in her. She knew if I was there with her horse, it would work and that it would work for me and any other horse. In her mind, it was because I had over 50 years of experience working with horses, but she had only a few years of experience.

So would it work for her the same as it would work for me? She wasn’t sure.

Of course!”, I said. My programs are designed to work the same for a beginner as they are for an expert. It’s about the issue and the solution rather than how much experience you have with horses.

Each of my programs is designed to resolve a particular issue with your horse and no matter what discipline you are in or how experienced or inexperienced you are with horses; my solutions will work for you just as easily as they work for me.

I love to “push the easy button” when working with my horses and I train you to do the same thing. I want you to be able to resolve any current issues that you have with your horse as well as keep any future issues at bay.

It truly is easier than you think and I know you can do it no matter what your experience is with horses or your horse’s history.

Here are a few recent emails showing other’s successes too:

…Remember how hard it was to move Choupette away with my hands and even with a whip? Now she is so light. I just have to move my finger or look in the direction I want her to go and she does it.

Our relationship made a 180-degree shift when I took the time to do what you had instilled in me. I’m so happy.

We hadn’t ridden in 2 months because of all the ice and snow. But when I took her out she was a perfect angel. As we were riding a running dog came by us and she did not tighten up a single muscle, spook, or bolt. She just kept going on calmly.

At the barn, Choupette is the only one out of 15 horses that comes to her owner when she sees me or when I call her. They all tell me how nice she is. If they only had known her before you. People used to tell me how dangerous she was and that I should get rid of her.

Last week 8 horses escaped twice and Choupette was the one who brought them back. What a big difference from where she started! Thank you.



I took Sahara to my favorite place today. It was a glorious day and the wonderful thing was my parents met me and we all had a walk down the beach. Including Sahara who was free with just a bareback pad and halter on, but no lead rope, and she just walked right with us. Awesome. My parents were never a part of my horseback riding journey as a teenager so it was rather special. 

When they headed back to their house I continued walking with Sahara down the beach. Eventually, we came to a stream which separates the north and south part of the beach. Sahara is never very keen about going thru this stream. I had her off the lead and she walked up to the stream, drank from it, licked it, and hung around the stream looking at those on the other side of the stream but not venturing on her own accord to cross it. 

I often clip the lead rope back on and encourage her over but this time I didn’t. I walked through the stream but she didn’t follow, so I walked back and I watched her play with the driftwood near the stream, drink from the stream, etc. Then, a dog entered the water and crossed the stream so Sahara followed. It was so funny. 

I had taken Sahara’s bareback pad off earlier as she wanted to roll. I tried to put it back on her once we had crossed the stream but she started to trot off so I kept on carrying it. We came across two horseback riders who said, “There is something wrong with this picture”. I said, “I have ridden but we are just hanging out at the moment”. I said, ‘It isn’t all about the riding’.

This is interesting, people’s perspectives. Not that long ago it was my perspective, too, but I have so enjoyed these interactions we have on the ground. 

Sahara gets to smell things (shells, logs, seaweed, etc.). She has enjoyed a roll several times when I have come here to the beach. I did eventually put the saddle pad back on and ride back.

The day before I jumped on Sahara and she took me out of the paddock and up the road, then she turned around and after feeding her face with some grass, came back to the paddock entrance. Gosh, she makes me laugh.



I just love this! I’ve also been told about how lucky I have been with my horses… they loaded by themselves, were polite, etc.

And I think you know how much I loved them (and still love Gambler who is now 33). My new guy,

Rhett is a lot like your Merlin now that he’s been with us for a few months. He was a little head shy at first, but no more! He loves his hugs and puts his head right in his halter instead of playing “you can’t catch me” like he did.

Why don’t more people see what happens when you’re kind to horses??? It just boggles my mind!



I have been following Teddie for over a year now. We bought a hobby farm about a year and a half ago so I could have my horse at home with me. In the time I have been following Teddie I have learned how to make a real connection with my horse. 

Now he wants to be around me. Before I started following Teddie my horse was a handful. I never know when or why he was going to spook. Now he is a great trail horse. Thank you so much Teddie for all your wisdom.


And these are just a few of the many emails I get. I am so proud of all of these ladies and how they now have the horse and the relationship of their dreams. I’m glad I could be a part of their success.

So when you think that you’re not experienced enough to fix an issue, that you need someone else to do it for you, or even that you’ve tried everything but nothing has worked, then look into one of my programs for help.

Here’s a link to a video where I talk about the journey these ladies have been on…

Until next week, have a great weekend, and Happy Horses!

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  • Oh, how I like your tips when having problems with my horse. It’s nice to read about what you write and I learn so much. I like listening to your advice and learning to find a solution to issues I have. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad my articles have been helpful. I love exchanging stories and helpful tidbits with like-minded horse owners.

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