Think you know about horses?


Happy 4th July weekend to you!!

What did you get up to yesterday?

We had the usual BBQ bonanza which was awesome as always!

Because of the celebrations this is going to be a shorter and kinda different email this week.

I came across this quiz about hippology and equine science so I thought it might be fun to share it with with you.

No pressure but…

The quiz was part of a Horse Bowl competition for young horse enthusiasts ages 8 to 18…

So try your hand and see how well you do:

1. What is the scientific name for a horse fly?

A. Musca domestica

B. Tabanid

C. Tsetse

D. Hippo Volant

2. What is the outermost wall of a horse hoof called?

A. Periople

B. Insensitive frog

C. Bulb

D. Third phalange

3. Name three prominent female horse hormones

A. Estrogen

B. Progesterone

C. Prostaglandin

D. All of above

4 What duct would be blocked if a horse has teary eyes?

A. Pancreatic duct

B. Nasolacrimal duct

C. None of above

D. All of above

5. What percentage of a horse’s energy is burned as heat?

A. 35-40%

B. 50-55%

C. 65-70%

D. 75-80%

6. What is not a prevalent parasite in adult horses?

A. Ascarids

B. Bots

C. Threadworms

D. Pinworms

7. Which pair are standard Western riding rein holds?

A. English-Western

B. Split-California

C. Spanish-California

D. Tight-Short


Here are the Answers

1. B

2. A

3. D

4. B

5. D

6. C

7. B

How many did you score??

​​Let me know in the Comments below.

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  • That’s really good. The test was fun for me as well when I first saw it. I got #5 wrong. I was shocked how much energy horses really put out as heat. Thanks for playing. 🙂

  • Irmgard Lipp says:

    I had 5 correct, thanks for the info

  • Parks Warren says:

    I missed 1,2, and 5. Harder than I thought. Number 5 really surprised me!

  • Leslie Dresser says:

    I missed two questions. I need to brush up on my reading! I definitely learn something new every day!

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