What Type of Horse are You Like?


Today’s blog is just for fun. As with your horses, a balance of learning and playtime is very important.

So, let’s play!

The old wives’ tale is that we choose animals that have similar personalities as our own. And that if we took a hard look at what we see in our horse, we could see ourselves reflected back.

Take a look below and choose which type of horse breed you are drawn to and see if any of their “general” personality traits fit you, yourself.

While personality traits may be similar within a breed, each horse has a unique personality. So your horse will also be unique and may only have some of the breed’s general traits.

The next time you go out to your horse, also take a good look at his or her personality. What does your horse do that reminds you of yourself? Good and bad.

Looking at your horse with this different perspective, as a mirror of your own personality traits, may help you understand your horse’s ways and even help the two of you bond. When your horse does something, think “what would I do in his or her situation”?

Just have some fun with it.

Arabian Horses:

  • Even temperament for a hot-blooded breed
  • Loyal, willing, and affectionate
  • Known for their balance and agility
  • Sociable, good-natured, willing to please, and bonds quickly
  • Intelligent and strong


  • High strung and energetic for a hot-blooded breed
  • Spirited, bold, and intelligent
  • Superb athletes with remarkable speed
  • Sensitive nature and a strong work ethic
  • This breed has a lot of “heart” and enjoys winning

Quarter Horses:

  • Good temperament for a warm-blooded breed
  • Calm, but energetic
  • Intelligent and highly trainable
  • Easygoing and friendly
  • This is a fun breed full of personality and versatility

Andalusian Horses:

  • Very aggregable temperament for a warm-blooded breed
  • Sensitive and smart
  • If treated with warmth and respect they will return it
  • Courageous spirit
  • Docile, sweet, and calm


  • Gentle temperament for a cold-blooded breed
  • Extremely quiet, tolerant, and willing to learn
  • Outgoing and friendly
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Kind and highly intelligent

Belgian Horses:

  • Kind temperament for a cold-blooded breed
  • Loving and willing to please
  • Strong and powerful
  • Easy to handle, docile, quiet, and gentle
  • Fun and playful

These are only the “good” general traits of these breeds. But you know your horse best and I hope you have a bit of fun looking deeper into your horse’s personality traits and how they are similar to yours.

You may even have a few “aha” moments and get to understand your horse’s behaviors a little bit better too.

Let us know in the Comments section below, which horse you are most like!

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  • Stephanie says:

    Mustang isn’t listed, but… Dillon, my mustang, is very much like me and vice versa – we’re curious, learn quickly so get bored quickly, sociable, healers, mischievous (I know that look on his face cause I’m familiar with the energy), allow others to pick on us until one too many times – then he/we fight back, and kind. Great article. 🙂

  • Deborah Houk says:

    I have been told by more than one riding instructor that my horse and I have the same personality. I already knew that. It’s both why we are soulmates and why we clash sometimes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    My horse is an appendix registered Quarter Horse. She has two swirls between her eyes. Those who know about Linda Tellington Jones and her study of swirls will know that this indicates a difficult personality. True. Both she and I resent being told what to do. Asking or suggesting will be taken under consideration but does not mean automatic compliance. On the other hand we are loyal to a fault. We love to have fun. When we decide to do something, we give 100 percent.
    Pixie is calm and reliable 99 percent of the time (QH trait) and a hot mess 1 percent of the time (her TB trait). I love both. She is my best friend.

  • The Arabian is for me! LOL But I’ve known that since I was a child. Their temperament and abilities fit me well. A reflection of me to be sure!! 🙂

  • My old Polish Arab Partner:

    A chip on each shoulder
    A wickedly wry sense of humor
    Thinks he’s a combination Sean Connery and Elvis Presley
    Knows what happens before what happens happens
    Cool under pressure — until it’s time to act
    Will go out of his way to stomp a snake
    Loves to run just because he CAN
    Enjoys a bite of carrot cake now and then
    Likes to nap in the sun
    Will stand in the rain with you all afternoon, no conversation necessary
    Tolerates with grace the clumsy adulation of little girls and idiots

    Apart from that, there’s scarcely any resemblance between the two of us.

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