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As a follow-up to last week’s blog, many of you were certainly in the right ballpark when talking about animal communication or telepathy, so well done.

I call it “Tapping into the Universal Energy”.

For those of you who didn’t answer or feel like you aren’t able to tap into this energy, I have two questions for you…

  1. Have you ever gone to someone’s house and their cat or dog comes right up to you for scratches, or the cat jumps in your lap for cuddles?
    And their owner says, “They normally don’t act like that with strangers”.
  2. Have people told you that you are good with animals?

If so, then you’re already connected to this universal energy. But most people don’t realize that they are connected. If you are in this category you would have answered yes to at least 2 or 3 of last week’s blog questions.

If you answered with more yeses, then you probably know that this stuff happens to you, but you may not be sure why it happens or how to turn it on or off. You just know that when you need it, it happens.

When you can deliberately tap into this energy and hone this skill, a mere twitch of your head or a shift in your seat is enough for your horse to know exactly what you’re asking. And your horse is happily willing to cooperate with you. The two of you will be in perfect sync.

This connection to the universal energy links you and your horse naturally and takes your horsemanship skills to another level.

But it’s even more than that though. It’s an intuition, a feeling, a knowing, and a deep understanding. A way to communicate with your horse in a deeper, richer, more fulfilling way.

I’m sure you’ve seen people work with horses where it seems as if they are communicating telepathically, it’s just so effortless for them. They might be. That is being able to connect with and use this universal energy.

Being connected and learning how to stay connected, or get reconnected, is only half of the equation. Being able to listen to and work with it is the other half.

In my case, I know that it precisely is because I have honed the ability to tap into this energy and work with it that animals are naturally attracted to me.

Last week I told you about my Uncle David and here is…

Another Uncle David story…

When I got married, Uncle David came to the ceremony. Before I went into the church he came over to talk to me. We chatted about what he felt was in store for me with my new husband and then we talked about the weather. I said I hope it doesn’t rain because it looked like severe thunderstorms were on their way given the dark ominous clouds overhead.

Uncle David jokingly said, “I’ll see what I can do about the weather for you.” We laughed and then I went into the church to get married.

When we came out of the church it had not only cleared up but the sky was blue and the sun was shining! I was of course delighted but just thought it was a coincidence.

Near the end of the reception, Uncle David came to me and said that he had held off the weather for as long as he could. He said, “it was time for the rain” and we needed to take the reception inside. I should say, it was still clear and beautiful when he said this.

Then it quickly got dark and overcast and in about 15 minutes it was pouring rain. But Uncle David had given us enough notice and everyone was safely inside by the time it came.

Before though, the guests thought we were nuts as we were all heading inside when it was still sunny outside. So you can imagine their surprise when the clouds changed and the rain started.

“How did you know,” they asked, but I just laughed and looked at Uncle David.

He knew something no one else did.

Now is a good time to tell you that Uncle David (David Nuuhiwa Sr.) was a Hawaiian Kahuna, a Lua priest, and he was nominated “King of Aloha” in 1959, and later “Ambassador to Hawaii”. He was an accomplished spiritual leader.

He was taught not only to respect all nature but to talk to her, listen to her, and learn from her. He always talked about his teachers – the birds, lizards, fish, trees, water, and wind. And that is what he taught others, how to listen and communicate with nature… the universal energy.

I instinctually knew to trust Uncle David and I took everything he said as gospel truth. At the time I couldn’t explain it, but I knew to trust him. I knew he was connected to something I couldn’t see and he was listening to something I couldn’t hear. At least not at that time in my life.

I didn’t think about it at the time but looking back, I guess I always did things a bit differently too, like sharing a two-way communication with animals. We just seemed to understand each other instinctually and naturally.

Being sensitive and being able to tap into that universal energy, to listen to it, to hear it, and to use it to talk to your horse is the secret to a truly magical relationship with horses because they are also a part of the universal energy.

That’s what it’s like for me and I absolutely know this is why horses are drawn to me and why people look at what I can do with them as miraculous.

It’s also why I am able to work with hard-to-handle, shut down, and last-chance horses. The more shut down they are, the happier they are to see me. They are so excited to tell me what’s been going on and have someone listen to them on their terms.

These horses instantly see that I am connected to the same universal energy that they are and they instantly trust me. They want to be with me, talk to me, and interact with me.

I was blessed to be able to learn from Uncle David before he passed on and since then I’ve been able to not only hone this skill but work out how to pass this gift on to others.

Some students in my Personal Coaching Program have asked about true connection and the spiritual side of horses and I’ve been delighted to be able to share this with them.

Now they too can see what I see and do what I do with horses because I have made these skills transferable and teachable. It’s been one of the highlights of my life witnessing their transformation into amazing horsemen and women with their own magic.

I believe this is a natural ability we all have. We just have to be aware of and be open to connecting and learning how to tap into this energy and listen. Talking to your horse in a deeper, richer way is a part of this.

The real magic of my programs lies in their repetition because underneath all the mechanical training elements that most trainers teach, I have infused the programs with an extra dimension of metaphysics, the natural realm, and how to harness the universal energy surrounding us.

So the point of this blog is to tell you that it all starts with one spark, one true connection with the universal energy around you. That ability to tap into this energy allows you to step into your horse’s world simply, easily, and effortlessly. That has been my secret as to how I get the cooperation and love from my horses to fulfill my wildest dreams.

And the best news is that you can do all those amazing things with your horse too. Because I can teach you how to connect to your horse and to the universal energy.

Everything is possible if you believe. If you can gain this spark and develop a connection to this energy, it will all fall into place for you and your horse as well.

If you resonate with what I’m saying, then believe it’s true, there are no coincidences. You are here for a reason. Let me help you and your horse fulfill your dreams together. You are in the right place to hear and feel it right now.

However, if you can’t or don’t wish to, that’s fine too. You can learn the nuts and bolts of herd dynamics and herd behaviors with my programs and still develop the horse and relationship of your dreams. I’m sure you will have great success.

Thank you for your continued support to help your horses gain the happy forever life with you that they desire and deserve.

If this resonates with you and you haven’t yet dipped your toe into my programs, then click this link. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions, by contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Sue Pacanowski says:

    Hi Teddie, I’m among those who have answered yes to several of your questions and have attempted to tap in to this energy by taking lessons from two different animal communicators. I’ve been told that I get in my own way or my energy is too strong, but either way, I don’t get the information from my horses like I would like to! I’m a Reiki practitioner and was told that this training would help with animal communication, but I haven’t noticed that. Do you offer lessons just for this, or is it all contained in your regular lessons? I envy you!!

    • Hi Sue, I am also a Reiki practitioner and took a fabulous animal course with a wonderful woman who was able to explain why I could do certain things naturally and taught me little things that helped hone my skills. I use my experience and learned skills in my Personal Coaching Program too. But I’m sure I can help you. Give me a call and we can discuss a few options. 🙂 https://teddiezieglerhorsemanship.com/book-call-int/

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